Kat (wildvision) wrote in warehouse13,

Fic Recommendations?

Hi, guys! I've had a craving for some Warehouse 13 fic lately, but I've been having trouble finding what I want. So I was hoping that maybe someone here could help me.

What I really want is gen fic. Stories about the friendships between the agents, warehouse-team-as-family, artifact hunting fics...that sort of thing. Basically, I want fic that reads like the show. If there are going to be pairings, I'd read Artie/Vanessa, and maybe some Pete/Myka. But, unfortunately, I just don't have any interest in Myka/HG, which seems to be the fandom's favorite pairing. I've been trying to poke through various archives, but I keep getting buried under the things I don't want to read. So, I was hoping that you guys could point me toward some stories that would suit me. Thanks so much, in advance!
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